Rockwell Wrecking Ball – Fun w/Brave POS

Much thanks to Agony for joining our fun.

AAR courtesy of Rox from Agony Alliance:

Oli posted on our forums that FIGL had invited us on a roam. I convo’ed their FC, Shane Rockwell, who told me it would be a RR Navy Vexor fleet with Gardes. Sexy! Agony ended up with about 7 members in their fleet, of a total ~25, 12 of which were Vexors or Navy Vexors, all fit with dual Omnis. We also had ~3 Augorors, few enough to make us look logi-light but enough to avoid suspicion of being RR fit.

Shane had us fit kinetic and thermal hardeners instead of an omni tank. He said we’d be fighting Thoraxes…so I knew where we were headed!

Upon hopping into Barlegut we immediately picked a fight on gate but drone assist wasn’t working. The hostiles escaped and we wapred to sun to do some testing. Even with all our safeties set to red, drone assist wasn’t working. We went back to TXW and verified drone assist worked in 0.0, just not in lowsec.

Went back into Barlegut on news of a Phoenix in a belt, figuring that was a target we could afford to manually target, but it was gone by the time we got there. We warped around between Brave’s station and the sun, and our fast tackle nabbed us about half a dozen Brave and Goon ganks.

The highlight in Barlegut happened during one of our trips back to the sun. Shane had probes out and made fine use of them when Rote landed and started playing with us in a triple-rep Hyperion, neuting Geddon, and a couple of Cerbs. Between FIGL’s probes and our tackle we caught an MELTED them; the Hype and Geddon lasted maybe 15 seconds each.

We then got intel of Brave repping a POS in XYY-IA…that we had the password to due to a FIGL “spy” in BNI. So we made a beeline to XYY, only to find Brave huddled up inside the POS shields after scouting us on the way in. We all set our ships’ POS passwords and Shane warped us right on top of the tower. Brave pretty much wigged out about that in local and within a minute reset the POS password, starbursting us out, along with a handful of Brave’s blues who were out of alliance. Unfortunately those neuts were able to warp out since the starburst hadn’t put any of our tackle near them.

We re-formed on the POS and Brave stayed huddled up inside shields. Then we noticed it was a SMALL tower and we could probably kill it fairly quickly with our 12 drone cruisers, and started work on it. Occasionally a Brave ship would align towards station and eventually slowboat out of shields, only to be pointed by Sancho and alpha’ed by our Gardes. God knows why they did that, but we accepted their sacrifices gracefully.

I can’t remember details, but Brave trickled in a bomber wing while we were killing the POS. We got bombed first by solo bombers, then by 2-3 bombers, then eventually by a full wing. We were pulling and dropping sentries, RR’ing each other, RR’ing our own drones, and warping around the grid to avoid the bombers. Eventually this rigmarole cost us quite a few Gardes, so we all went back to TXW to buy new Gardes. Which was a bit heartbreaking, since we were leaving the POS with just 15% structure left.

Brave’s bombers left the area, we think because they were out of bombs, but we got word that they had brought a Thorax fleet into XYY. This was the match-up we’d wanted all night, with our maxed Kin/Therm resists. We went back in and the fight started on our in-gate against a lot of light hulls, which Shane had us free fire on with Warriors. After killing about half a dozen of their frigs and dessies, the Brave Thorax/Scythe gang of about 30-40 landed and our 12 Vexor hulls really went to work. We abandoned our Warriors and put out Gardes, assisted them to Shane and then anchored on him.

I think we killed about 20 Thoraxes before the rest broke and ran. Early on we brought one of our Augorors back from deep structure. We then lost another Augoror before reps could land. But by the time both those things happened, Shane had used drone assist to plow through enough of their DPS that we took no more losses. I was crazy busy trying to keep up with the repping situation and was fairly surprised to finally look up and see all those wrecks and my name on half a dozen killmails.

With Brave thoroughly demoralized, we went back to the POS to finish it off, with the remnants of the Brave fleet sitting inside. This time none of them ventured beyond the shields, but of course this meant they had no idea when the tower was about to go pop and they’d lose their shield. For just this moment, Sev had brought a dictor in and rapecaged the POS…remember it was a small one :) Brave saw the bubbles and started powering to get out of them…and of course out of the POS shield. We alphad seven of their Scythes in this manner, then finished the tower, killed a few high-value POS mods, and headed home.

I’ve got to say this was the most fun I’ve had in Eve in quite a while. Shane’s FC’ing was pro. Our targets were very cooperative. We had great intel, both from spies and from skirmisher/scouts. The fleet had great comms discipline. We had a variety of engagements of different types, in different terrains (on stations, at the sun, on gates, at a POS). Our skirmishers caught a ton of stuff, and the rest of the fleet was really on the ball as well. I’ll be thinking of this one for a while…it’s why I play Eve.


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  1. Hey guys, just a heads up for lowsec drone assists. They won’t assist if doing so will make you go suspect/criminal. You have to manually engage your first target and once you are suspect it should work, unless you are having a different bug some how.

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